Visual Arts Projects

People are more likely to read & recall information that’s presented in a visually appealing way. Here are a few examples of taking information and distilling it into hand-lettered infographics:

Food-Related Infographics*


Inspirational Quotes & Collages*


Lettering Experiment: The ABCs of Dog Care**

*Drawn freehand with G2, Micron & Calligraphy pens – mostly first & final drafts

**The main letters (i.e. those framed in papers) were practiced, and largely inspired from various sources online [briarpress – sean wes – mitch kelly – sling thought – my vinyl designer – amelia herbertson – leo reynolds – daily drop cap – suzy tayylor – creatulandia – lamella – cafe press]

The rest was drawn freehand and freemind, with a bit of pencil thrown in here & there, but sometimes I just don’t like erasers, you know? Artwork credit to lots of old and thrifted books, my sister’s pictures of Larry, Larry himself, hand, eye & heart.


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