A Little Kooky…


Okay, okay, I’ll admit it. I’ve been holding out. All these months of farm-grown, seasonal foods have been wonderful and delicious…but they wouldn’t have been complete without a little sweet thing at the end of a meal here and there.

Yes, this farmer has got a sweet tooth, and I’m ready to share a very simple recipe with you. A chocolate-y, chewy cookie, which only needs a bowl, a spoon, and an oven. Because some days, you just need a fresh out of the oven treat.

IMG_0671And I’ve got quite a few more where that came from. Other recipes coming up for your enjoyment (and of course, my tummy’s absolute delight): 5-minute truffles, fudge-y brownies, and creamy blondies.

What are you waiting for? Eat your vegetables, and treat yourself to a sweet thing afterwards!


Pass the Polenta


Apparently there’s a lot of negative press surrounding polenta, something about it being a weird texture, something else about having to stir it constantly, and something crazy about lack of flavor.

Well, I’m here to tell you: don’t listen to the haters! They don’t know what they’re talkin’ about. Polenta can have the creamiest texture, its certainly not any fussier than rice or quinoa, and by golly, if it isn’t more flavorful and delicious because it’s grown all over the country!

It’s interesting, so many people are readily jumping on the organic, local, heirloom bandwagon for their fruits & vegetables…but why don’t we think the same way for our grains? Or our beans, nuts, seeds, oils, etc….but that will be for another post!

I bought some locally-grown, freshly-milled polenta at a farmer’s market, though you can also get it online – and gosh darn, if it wasn’t the most flavorful grain dish I’ve ever had! Yes! I’m including ALL grains! Ever!

And simple. Without further adieu:

Creamy Squash Polenta

If you want to try a bit fancier, though not really complicated recipe – try this one. Basically it enables you to make creamy polenta hours before you want to serve it, and then let it sit, undisturbed, becoming creamier & richer. Can’t complain too much about that…

And the really great thing about polenta, is that it makes wonderful leftovers. It’ll harden up in a few hours and then you can serve it cold or fried, or some other creative way that I don’t know yet. For me, I gave it a little pan fry and then made a sun-dried tomato pesto for the top. Yum.

So get on the polenta bandwagon! Support your local grain farmer – and avoid those pesky GMOs! And enjoy some truly delicious, nutritious (dietary fiber, zinc, iron, magnesium and lots of beta-carotene) meals!!