My Story

IMG_0866Hi there! My name is Megan, and I’m a visual artist, cook & farmer on a mission to make good design, good food and good health accessible to all.

I think for most of us, we grow up with the idea that after graduating college, we’re supposed to have this one all consuming career. We should work feverishly to get that promotion, bring home that bacon, retire early, and then really start to live our lives how we want.

I say, living starts now. Find that place where your skills coincide with your interests, and you can contribute something amazing to your community, and to yourself.

Visually, here’s how that’s been happening for me:

photo (2)

So here I am, living, working, breathing and designing in Minneapolis. I’m not following the traditional path, per se, I’m just here to learn. Every experience that I’ve had has shaped my path, and my understanding of where my skills and interests fit into this community.

If you are looking for someone to

– research a lot of information on one or multiple sides of an issue

– sort through information and distill it to the main points

– present the main points in a visually appealing, hand-lettered design (check out some of my work)

please reach out!










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