Vegan Sushi: A Paradox?

Maybe, but who cares? Labels just create confusion, I think. Why can’t I just put together a plate of food, put it in front of someone, and have them eat it. Who needs to know what it’s called, or even what’s in it? There are vegetables in there, eat them! I suppose I could try and come up with new names, but that seems to create confusion as well. So, I’m sticking with sushi. Even though there is no rice, no fish and no seafood in these rolls. Ah well, they tasted delicious anyway.


I wanted to showcase a delicious vegetable for the CSA this week: kohlrabi. I tried it out for my first time rolled up in 3 different ways in a piece of nori. See my recipe below for some nutrition facts, and different ways to use this crazy looking creation.

CSA 823

Also, some quick information on sea vegetables. Here, I’m using nori, which is a dried, edible seaweed. Nori is about a third protein and a third dietary fiber, and contains high proportions of iodine, vitamins A, B, and K, and iron. As with anything, there are various levels of quality, so be sure to spend some time & money searching for the best nutritional bang for your buck.

Lastly, many CSA members seemed to think they had no time to prepare such an “extravagant” meal. This roll of sushi took me under 20 minutes to prepare!!! If you want to have rice , it’ll take a little longer, but seriously! It’s just chopping some vegetables and rolling ’em up!! It probably would take just as long to get in your car and drive to Chipotle. So give yourself a treat and make a quick roll, or throw a sushi party and have everyone bring their favorite vegetable!


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