Summer in a Wrapper


Turns out summer is a pretty busy time on the farm. I can assure you I’ve been eating better – in terms of nutrition, flavor, responsible sourcing, and just conscientiousness – than I can remember. I just haven’t been sharing my recipes with the world! But I’ve got a few on the backlog, and hopefully as the weeds slow down a bit, I’ll post ’em.

Given all the craziness in the field, I’ve been looking for recipes that don’t require much time slaving over a stove. This one does require a bit of chopping, but that never feels like work to me. It also allows you to try out basically all the vegetables you can find in your CSA bag or at a farmer’s market. Roll ’em up in a convenient little package, and dip it into some nutty, gingery goodness.

CSA 8-8

You can see from the pictures that I didn’t quite follow my recipe… I added some celery to my rolls. I used toasted sesame seeds instead of peanuts. I used Umeboshi Plum vinegar in my sauce. It’s really about whatever you’ve got around, and what flavors you’re looking to accentuate. You could hate sesame, and make a peanut dipping sauce. Or maybe you aren’t into nuts and seeds (what?!) and want to make a sweet & sour chili sauce. Don’t like rice paper? Use lettuce or cabbage or bok choy leaves! Just be sure to make a lot…they go quick.



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