Curry in a Hurry

Lunch on the farm is a wonderful affair. Whether I’m cooking, cleaning or simply sharing in the meal, I know it’s going to be a wonderful celebration of perfectly in season vegetables. It’s tough to go wrong with that. My plan is that each week I’ll post a recipe that I give to our CSA, and I’ll cook that meal for lunch. This way, I can be certain the recipe takes under an hour to prepare, and they’ll get to see pictures, too! Who doesn’t like pictures?

This Wednesday’s wet, rainy weather got me thinking about a warming, hearty curry. And given what we’re harvesting for the CSA: potatoes, carrots, kale – it just seemed fitting. I also had some fava beans leftover from last week, and I have a sneaking suspicion many of our CSA members do too, so I figured a one pot meal might just be the way to go! Here’s the recipe I gave them:

CSA 0710 - Version 2

I suppose I cheated a little bit – I already had garam masala made (though this does not take more than 5 minutes), and I also had already shucked my fava beans. I’ll admit that step takes a bit of time, but it is well worth it. Fava beans add a rich, nutty creaminess to the curry that you just won’t find elsewhere.

However, I also managed to prepare 3 additional dips/toppings to serve alongside the curry in my short 1 hour preparation time.


First, Baba Ghanoush
Roast as many eggplant as you can find. I kept mine whole (they were “gourmet” aka small), covered them in a bit of coconut oil and roasted them for 20 min.
Let them cool, then blend with the juice of 1 lemon, a heaping spoon of tahini, a few cloves of garlic, and some salt.
I’m in a parsley place right now, so I added a huge handful of that, too.


Then, Cooling Cucumber Sauce
Blend up a few juicy, refreshing cucumbers with some lime juice, green coriander or cilantro, and salt.
Strain for a thicker sauce, if desired.
This is a lovely yogurt replacement for Indian cooking, and I can see it tasting great with some cashew cream or something.


And finally, Spicy Parsley & Peppers
Chop up a big bunch of parsley.
Finely dice up as many hot peppers as you can stand – they aren’t even that hot yet, it’s early in the season, so don’t be a wuss!
Mix ’em together with a touch of oil, salt and lemon or lime juice.
Eat with your curry or by the spoonful.

And there’s lunch! Full of color, texture, flavor, and fragrance. If only more people understood the power of curry! It’s a quick, easy, healthy and delicious meal for a crowd!




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