Farmers Have Weekends?

Farmers Have Weekends?

Plants don’t take breaks, so how can farmers? We don’t, really, but there are some days when we don’t have a formal work schedule, and so breakfast can be a bit more of a production.

With my plant-based diet, that means a delicious bowl of hot cereal. Just like granola, the possibilities for grains, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits are endless. Here’s my latest combination:

Coconut Barley Porridge
1/2 c. hulled barley
1 1/2 c. coconut milk
handful of dried fruit (apricots, prunes, cranberries)
handful of nuts & seeds (almonds, sunflower seeds)
pinch of salt, cinnamon & nutmeg

Bring the barley and coconut milk to a boil. Turn the heat to a simmer and let it hang out for about a half hour. Stir often to prevent the barley from sticking to the pan. It’ll drink up all that coconut milk and you’ll end up with a soft, creamy, hearty porridge.

About five minutes before you want to eat your porridge, toss in the dried fruit and spices. I like my fruit to have a little softness when I eat it with hot cereal. You could do this with the nuts and seeds, but I like the crunch, so I add them after the fact.

Barley has 12 g. of protein and 13 g. of fiber per serving (compared to rolled oats at 6 g. protein and 4 g. fiber)!!!

Consider using whole or steel-cut oats, wheat berries, farro, amaranth, millet, spelt, etc. for your grain. Branch out from rolled oats! I’ll post about the wonders of whole-grains soon.


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